Hello and welcome to Hurricane Craft! We are an up and coming gaming community, with a growing member base, friendly staff and more! We have a Minecraft, and Teamspeak 3 servers. All of the IPs and links are listed on the services list. Also check out our forum!


Enjoy playing factions, survival, creative, mini-games, while interacting with a great community? You've found the perfect server! Join our cracked server, IP: Mc.hurricanecraft.com

Awesome Staff

Our staff enhance your experience by cutting down griefs, enforcing rules, ensuring the community runs smoothly and grows.

Friendly Players

Enjoy our game servers and community with friendly members! Whether you become friends or just play factions together, there are tons of members for you to hang out with!


Updates and Sale
robgio1234 3/9/14

Just a quick update, yesterday we moved the forums and website to hurricanecraft.com, now everything is all located on one URL. Our donation store is also 50%, take advantage of the discount and donate for some perks! Sale ends March 21. We are also redoing the forums, which includes new themes, some category/forum changes and several smaller additions.

Important, please read!
robgio1234 2/8/14

As you can tell, the alert in the bottom left hand corner will have informed you that Hurricane Craft will own Chaotic United shortly, so right now all website traffic will redirect from chaoticunited.com to here. We are in the process of migrating everything over to HC from CU, the time frame is not finalized yet. Please be patient if you are from Chaotic, and feel free to hop on our servers!

New HC Navigator (Beta)
robgio1234 1/18/14

Hello HC, today I started working on the new navigator, right now it is not a desktop application, just a website. Once I feel that it is good enough to release I will release it and post a download. As of now you can look at it here. I made a forum post found here, post your opinions, suggestions and feedback there!

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